Tuesday, September 18, 2012

study :)

esok perlu masuk kelas tingkatan 3, oh yeah the admin gave me one of the class for me to teach mathematics, since form 3 don't have PE anymore so i have so many free time (why u jealous with my time, hahha)
i never taught form 3 level (except for relief classes) actually, quite stressed out juga kot, but material dah ada so just let them know saja
surely i will try my best :) hopefully they can accept me

that's for tomorrow..

for the next day, i'll be learning the 'basic of softball'
err, don't ask me how to play the game, because i don't know, and never played it
but i've learnt about the glove, the ball, the bat, during PE time with kak R
kak R (guru cemerlang PJK) taught the students, and i myself be the student too :)

so this evening, i've spent my time to do some study bout this game (thank u google, wikipedia, youtube)
what can i say is this is one of the game for a rich one, because they used quiet expensive equipment

and asked myself : kenapa orang kaya suka main game yang bosan ye? hee no pun intended..
maksud saya di sini ialah: tengok golf sebagai contoh, mahal punya game, tapi main nya pukul bola je
sekarang tengok sofbol pula, equipment sangat mahal, glove sebelah tangan pun cecah ratus ringgit, main nya pukul and catch (oh yeah i'll learnt more later insyaAllah :)), tapi much more better la dari golf sebab sofbol ada juga lari-lari :)

* PE = Physical Education (pend. jasmani)

** thanx God that i'll be leaving the school for awhile 
since i'm very much frustrated with the physics' students
felt that i don't belong there, in front of them 
i am not being appreciated, and i'm restless.. 
i just need some time out from all of these, i need that space


cikgu_math said...

kalau cikgu sanggup belajar untuk mengajar, kita tertanya-tanya kenapa mereka yang bernama pelajar masih mempunyai ribuan alasan untuk belajar!!!

Eazy Izzuddin said...

hey2 ..
lama tak singgah sini juga

mademoiselle azieshakespeare said...

@cikgu_math :
mereka belum sedar, mungkin :)

@Eazy Izzuddin :

Azuan said...

sofbol satu game yang sgt best...lagi2 time tangkap bola..lm gile dah tak main game ni..hihi

mademoiselle azieshakespeare said...

memang best, burnt teruk tiga hari duk tengah padang, hahha