Wednesday, February 11, 2009

smart tag! u're so smart ;p

actually i'm just arrived from that place
one nice place with nicest peoples too

i don't even have time to transfer the pic yet
(tak sempat lor, nant da siap aku cite)
owho so excited to open be at the 'windows'

i was given a smart-tagged by zulaika @ monster la la land
u're such a nice smart monster, ahahah ;p
so, diz the answers (a pleasure......)

1/ Your name or username
why? lenkali cite ;p

2/ Left handed or Right handed
can be both, with the keyboard ;p

3/ Favourite letter
to write
all the letters in my name, uhuhu

4/ Least favourite letter to write?
letters out of my name
bcoz slalu kena tulis
name sendirik
-attendance, quizzes, assignments (takkan nak tulis name org laen plak, kan)

5/ Do you think you are HOT?
ade kipas, so tak panas, ahahha
(adekah menjawab soklan)

6/ Upload your favourite pic

7/ Why do you like diz pic?
it's a family portrait
i love my family the most ;D
(windush kat mak la plak... nak bising2)

8/ The last song you listen to?
skang kat tinge -xtau ar lagu jewang, kat blog sape ntah,
(pakai buka jek, ahahah)
jap lagi kna tuka, x rock langsung, ahahah ;p

9/ What are you doing right now besides this?
listem to the songs, neverending ....
still dreaming ;p dream of sumone
(that underground, uishh)

10/ 6 people I'm going to tag
sape berminat, sile angkat tangan dan buat
tak kesah la sesape pown, asalkan korg rase nak buat ;p

** malam ni kena buat proses 'mengayat'
seeeesh, i'm tired actually ;O


miss cloudy said...

salam singgah...salam kenal... hehe...

mademoiselle azieshakespeare said...

salam@, eheheh ;D