Sunday, March 20, 2011

thinking of you..

I've been thinking about this, for the whole week
or maybe, i can say for the whole time? (whatever..)

actually, i don't really want to get involve with this heart-love-story
but as time goes by, i need to, somehow
[u know what i'll type here, in this entry, right?]

people always say 'after this, will be your turn'
or come with this question 'do u have a 'friend' with u?'
i won't say they are busybody, but they are just too concern about me
i should be grateful, for having those persons surround me..

but it's still hard, for being me..

don't ask me 'what are the characteristics of your ideal-man?'
sorry, i don't have the list.. or if did, it will be much much longer to explain, hahha
for the time being, i just look at TWO main criteria
ya, simple two.. the rest will come, when i know who's that guy :)

simple two..

know this man.. just know (sekadar kenal)
the name, family + education background, work-life.. as we always talk through the phone (not really always actually, once in a/two week(s))
but still, i don't know the simple two.. still questioning in the head, haunting me, huuu

what i can say about him?
we are totally-different persons, have nothing in common

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